Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is an external and interdisciplinary group of valued and recognised experts – scholars and practitioners, senior and early career – which share a strong interest in investigating the themes of the project.

Thanks to their recognised expertise and experience, the Advisory Board provides valued insight, guidance and advice on the strategic direction of the project, as well as on its normative, ethical, technical and methodological dimensions.  

Amitangshu Acharya
IHE Delft, Institute for Water
and Education,
Delft, The Netherlands
Sarah Bracking
Department of International Development,
King’s College London, UK
Amrita Dhiman
Centre of Excellence in Disaster Management,
Development Management Institute,
Patna, India
Ishaan Kochhar
Blue Sky Analytics,
Chandigarh, India
Rajan Man Bajracharya
GeoKRISHI, Digital Data System
For Development, Kathmandu, Nepal
Aditi Mukherji Water Management Institute (IWMI),
New Delhi, India
Kasia Paprocki
London School of Economics
and Political Science, London, UK
Marcus Taylor
Queen’s University, Kingston,
Faisal Mueen Qamar
International Centre for Integrated
Mountain Development (ICIMOD),
Kathmandu, Nepal 
Gordon Walker
Lancaster University,
Lancaster, UK